Coupon Wallet API (Beta Version)


Before you begin, please note this is a beta version and is to be concidered as experimental. This API is still under active development.

*** In order for you to utilize this API, you will need an API key

In addition to documentation, we're also supplying pre-built collections for use with Postman


Naming conventions

There are some naming conventions of variables we have standardized on.

API Calls (Usage)

http:// {service} / [ {method} [ / value(s) ] ] ? API_KEY=12345

{service} = the target service API

{method} = the desired API action ( optional : may be contained in data passed into call )

values(s) = variable parameters passed into API method ( optional : may be contained in data passed into call )

API requests can be made via POST or GET requests, or even by RAW PUT requests (using either XML or JSON)


Here is an example of a RAW PUT using XML

<root> <API_KEY>12345ABCDEF12345</API_KEY> <method>get_wallet_info</method> <params> <u>1</u> </params> </root>

Here is an example of a RAW PUT using JSON


Get / POST

A GET string look like:

POST forms use the same field names. Here's an example of an HTML form:

<form action="" method="POST"> <input type="hidden" name="API_KEY" value="12345ABCDEF12345"> <input type="text" name="method" value="get_wallet_info"> <input type="text" name="u" value="1"> <input type="submit" value="Submit"> </form>



The Service API is intended for end user functionality. These methods include managing a user's wallet (i.e. adding and removing coupons), searching coupons, etc.

Service Documentation Postman Collection


The ability to perform actions during (and by) the point of sale methods are here. An example of methods found here is the ability to redeem coupons.

Point Of Sale Documentation Postman Collection


Partners are companies who create and manage their coupons on our system. These companies need to be able to perform actions like adding coupons, managing marketing channels, managing business locations, etc. Moreover, it is important to be able to track all demographic/perfomance/financial data for each coupon/marketing channel.

Partners Documentation Postman Collection


OAuth2 based services to log a user into our system

Authentication Documentation Authentication Collection